VIvian Maier’s Amazing Photography

Vivian Maier’s photography is a revelation! Working as a nanny in Chicago, her unpublished negatives were discovered at an auction. Sadly, she had already passed away. She is being called one of the great street photographers of all time. To find out why, take a look here. Finding Vivian Maier – Trailer

Days With My Father

This is a very moving photo essay by Phillip Toledano. The photos, the words, the emotions; all in harmony. Beautifully done.  See it here.

Photographs Inspired by Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper has always been an amazing inspiration for his use of composition, colour and light. Here’s an artist that’s taken it in a different direction.

5 Things I learned from Gordon Willis

The Prince of Darkness says it like it is. 1. Cut the hyperbole. 2. Shoot to cut. 3. Blocking is cutting. 4. Lighting shouldn’t be driven by insecurity. 5. Have a reason for your choices. Read it here. If you’ve got more time, it’s worth watching Part 1 of the interview and then watching Part 2. Or, there’s a podcast …


Welcome to my site. I’m calling this section “Inspiration” because I hope that’s what it will be. It’s a place to explore links, videos, photos, art, architecture, anything to get the creative juices flowing, recharge your batteries or refocus your energy. Hope you can find something that inspires you. Cheers, Arthur