Let’s talk about staging

Once you have your awesome script, you need to transform it from words to images. Steven Soderbergh has been kind enough to take Raiders of the Lost Ark and remove the pesky sound track and all of it’s 1930’s art directed colour to give us a bare bones (but still beautiful) tool to examine Spielberg’s brilliant staging. We’ve all watched this movie, but have we seen it? The economy and grammar of the shots, how they maintain spatial clarity and not least, how they enhance the mood and spirit of the film. I like the quote that Soderbergh pulls from Fincher,”there’s potentially a hundred different ways to shoot something but at the end of the day there’s really only two, and one of them is wrong.” I might add “for you” at the end, as I think that everyone has a different vision, and it’s important to be consistent and true for the individual film maker. Read Soderbergh’s blog and watch the film here.

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